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Allen Bradley PLC Training Kit - Micrologix PLC panel


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The best way to Learn PLCs are with these low cost real PLC trainer panels. This Micrologix PLC Trainer Kit includes PLC lessons, software and USB PLC cable. This is the perfect low cost trainer, great for students or companies that want to bring their employees up to speed on PLC controls, its a complete package rolled into one.

This is an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 with everything you need to start programming. Just download the software RSLogix  (MicroLite) and start creating your own programs. 

The plc trainers are a small investment in your future. Along with some training (self taught) you can make a very good living for yourself and your family and have a fun exciting career. Many Maintenance and service people do not understand how PLCs function or how to read ladder logic. Knowing how to read ladder logic tells you how the machine is supposed to function. Knowing how to troublshoot by looking at a ladder will set you apart from everyone else!!

More about the lessons...

This is a series of lessons that is for the beginner programmer just learning how to program and the seasoned engineer that is looking to improve their skills, we are covering everything from simple pointers to advanced moves and data manipulation.

We are trying to teach you something you can not get in a manuals. We are trying to mimic the machines that you will be working on or building, this is where the real value of the lessons. Learn and understanding why and how the logic is working and eventually you will come up with your own logic in no time at all.

Lessons Included in the PLC Training Kit - 41pages (pdf) on just the lessons and  5 .rss programs (also printed in pdf).

1) Basic intro: Download, go online, viewing program, making a simple program, Instructions, Split Screen, Program Tree, Custom Data Monitor, Processor Status (S2:)

2) PLC Cycle Scans: How the PLCs looks at the logic and decides what needs to happen next, this is important if you plan on any 'automation', this is over looked by many and they have a hard time understanding the full concept of programming, the PLCs don’t change their mind… its always the same so once you learn how to read their mind you can tell what its going to do next.

3) Recording actions with a PLC: (FFLs, FFUs, JSRs, EQUs, CLRs)  In this lesson we will cover on how to record and play back (in sequence) an event or series of actions (inputs) then play them back as outputs.

4) Peak HMI (Human Machine Interface), Using a demo version of Peak HMI you will learn how an HMI interfaces with the PLC and is controlled by your PC, HMIs are becoming a large part of any manufacturing/production plants, learning this is a bit more advanced but this is a MUST for any system integrator or plant maintenance personal, this is the next level…

5) Parts conveyer: (Timers, Counters, Moves, Sequence Loads, Data Viewing), Learn how to track a part that is moving down a production line or conveyor, by tracking parts you can determine when to remove a rejected part, speed up or slow down line speed, run the program/machine in manual or automatic.

6) Grinder: This lesson simulates a grinding machine by running a table up and down and into the grinder (resurfacing grinder) it will run in automatic if the correct conditions are made.

7) Vacuum pump sequencing: (RTO, GEQ, MOV) This lesson we turn on and rotate vacuum pumps depending on the wear (hrs ran) and the need from production. Pump Sequencing, you will learn how to program a series of pumps and have them automatically cycle on and off (one at a time), so you keep even ware on the pumps and cycle them depending on and off depending on the pressure switch settings, all three pumps will run if the press is not enough and cycle off as pressure gets closer to set point, using this is they way to be introduced into the real world of programming and trouble shooting.

All lessons will be in RSLogix file format .rss, PDF and word doc. You will get a copy of the pdf for the program (.rss) also, this makes it better to read and follow along with the program.

By learning RSLogix 500 you will be able to program all SLCs (5/01-5/05) and MicroLogix PLCs (1000-1500)

RSLogix MicroLite is made by Rockwell Automation this software can only be used for MircoLogix PLCs in the 1000s and 1100 range, ths means 1761 or 1763. Limitation is number of inputs for starter software.

Our trainers (and software) will run on Windows 7 or 8, Vista and XP.  We do have a 30 day money back if for some reason you can not get it to work.

PLC Trainer Package Includes

  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 (4 inputs, 4 outputs)
  • 41 pages of 8 PLC lessons for your trainer
  • 5 sample PLC programs
  • USB/Serial programming cable USB-CBL-PM02
  • PLC Programming software (downloadable)
  • Includes demo trial version of Peak HMI to learn interfacing with PLC

PLC Trainers are also great for PLC home automation projects and small shop projects.

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