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Drawbar Force Gauge CAT/BT - Spindle Clamp Force Tester

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Our Clamprite Drawbar Gauge Kits provide an easy, accurate, and economical method of checking the drawbar force of a spindle for your machine. Spindles require maintenance and checking the drawbar frequently which takes less then a minute. This can increase tool life as well as save huge costs including a new spindle, downtime, or paid service. A spindle clamp force gauge is also commonly known as a spindle drawbar dynamometer. Our Clamp right gauge kits are furnished in a metal tool box and include the gauge head, a spindle adapter, and an internal screw coupling that accepts the pull studs. Collect pull studs from each of your machines and store them in the clamprite case for easy access.

Digital dynamometers cost three times as much and are more delicate and prone to problems when they are dropped or used during machine repair.

Why is a Drawbar Dynamometer a must have tool for every machine shop?

  • Cost of new spindle $10,000-25,000
  • Throwing tools? ATC problems?
  • Cost of a service technician to determine why the accuracy of your machine is bad
  • Cost of out-of-tolerance scrap parts
  • Shipping bad parts to your customer (Priceless!)
  • Excessive tool and insert consumption- loss of tooling rigidity
  • Possible injury of employee if/when tool is thrown
  • Scheduled downtime instead of Emergency service
  • Most service companies may not have this tool in their van when they come, which means they are looking for other problems. This check takes less than 1 minute to perform if you have the right tool for the job.
  • Ever wonder why you can't run some jobs on certain machines? It could be the drawbar force is low.
Spindle Drawbar Force gauge Kit
(complete kit with gauge
head and metal toolbox)
Price Our Part#
BT 30 3,000 Lb. $819.00 K7300-1
BT 40 3,000 Lb. $829.00 K7300-2
CAT 40 3,000 Lb. $829.00 K7300-3
BT 40 5,000 Lb. $829.00 K7300-4
CAT 40 5,000 Lb. $829.00 K7300-5
CAT 45 5,000 Lb. $985.00 K7300-24
BT 45 5,000 Lb. $985.00 K7300-25
BT 50 5,000 Lb. $849.00 K7300-6
CAT 50 5,000 Lb. $849.00 K7300-7
CAT 50 & BT50 5,000 Lb. $1140.00 K7300-26
BT 40 & 50 5,000 Lb. $989.00 K7300-8
CAT 40 & 50 5,000 Lb.  $989.00 K7300-9
CAT 40 & BT40 5,000 Lb. $989.00 K7300-12
BT40 & BT50 5,000 Lb. $989.00 K7300-13
BT 50 Taper (High Pressure) 10,000 Lb. $885.00 K7300-10
CAT 50 Taper (High Pressure) 10,000 Lb. $885.00 K7300-11
CAT 60 With 15000lb gauge head 15,000 Lb. $1528.00 K7300-36
ISO 30 Pull Force Tester 1,500 Lb. $940.00 K7300-32
ISO 40 Pull Force Gauge 3,000 Lb. $1060.00 K7300-33
ISO 50 Pull Force Gauges 5,000 Lb. $1085.00 K7300-34
Spindle gauge
adapters only
Price Our Part#
BT 30 Spindle Adapter $155.00 K7300-15
BT 35 Spindle Adapter $158.00 K7300-21
BT 40 Spindle Adapter $173.00 K7300-16
CAT 40 Spindle Adapter $173.00 K7300-17
BT 45 Spindle Adapter $198.00 K7300-22
CAT45 Spindle Adapter $198.00 K7300-23
BT 50 Spindle Adapter  $198.00 K7300-18
CAT 50 Spindle Adapter  $198.00 K7300-19
CAT 60 Spindle Adapter $539.00 K7300-35
ISO 30 adapter $160.00 K7300-27
ISO 40 adapter $90.00 K7300-20
ISO 50 adapter $100.00 K7300-28
Coupler only converts CAT50 to BT50 $100.00 K7300-29


Gauge Head Price Our Part#
CG1.5K 1500lb. $679.00 K7300-44
CG3K 3000 lb. $679.00 K7300-43
CG5K 5000lb. $679.00 K7300-40
CG10K 10,000lb. $719.00 K7300-41
CG15K 15,000lb. $989.00 K7300-42

Pull Stud Thread Size Standards
CAT40 (5/8 -11)
CAT50 (1in -8)
BT30   - M12 x 1.75
BT40   - M16 X 2.0
BT50   - M24 X 3.0

Pressure gauge size when ordering: Most machine tools fall within the 3,000 to 5,000 lb range. It is rare that you would need a 10,000 lb. unit. A 5000 lb. gauge head is usually sufficient for most shops. If you do not have any 50taper machines we recommend the 3,000 lb. unit. If the gauge head is to be used for a wide variety of 30,40,50 taper spindles then we recommend the 5000psi drawbar force gauge.

Optional- ISO adapter This is typically sold to Europe, Asia, and the surrounding countries. This adapter provides METRIC threads for the retention knob to screw into instead of standard inch threads. ISO 30 adapter needs both taper and coupling.

CAT/BT differences - The CAT 40 is .112 longer than the BT 40, (and the BT has a metric thread) two different taper adapters would be required as well as a coupling. The CAT and BT 50 Taper adapter is identical so an extra BT coupling is only needed to change over gauge head. 

Machining with low drawbar force is like machining with a loose cutter!

Spindle Clamp - Drawbar force gauge dynamometer / dynomometer gauge, Spindle Tool Clamp Force Tester gauge.

Select a complete gauge kit below which includes toolbox, gauge head and adapters. If you would like a different combination of adapters select them additionally below. Only select a gauge head if you need a replacement one.

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  • Part #:  K7300
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