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Troubleshooting Control Circuits - Electrical Training Software

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Simutechs Troubleshooting Control Circuits teaches and helps you develop the fundamental skills required to safely troubleshoot all types of electrical circuits. You will troubleshoot a highly realistic circuit simulation of an electric door lock, containing typical control circuit components such as relays, switches, lights, pushbuttons, and solenoids.

Over 50 challenging faults to solve. Several realistic control circuit labs and simulations where you can learn and practice new troubleshooting methods and techniques.

There is no other electrical training program simulation software like it today!


Each valid and active software license allows you to automatically sync your data to the cloud, giving you the freedom to access your data on up to 3 separate Windows-compatible PCs or Windows OS Tablets. iOS and Android devices are not compatible with this software.

Guided troubleshooting a elevator simulation

Guided faults coach you through the most effective and efficient process for troubleshooting faults.

Practice faults help improve your troubleshooting techniques by providing hints and feedback.

Skill Test faults put your skills to the test without any assistance during the troubleshooting process.


Troubleshooting Control Circuits V4 Simutech
Ride the elevator and manually push the buttons to figure out the the faults. Electrical control training simulator

Guided faults and training on what and why things fail. Learn and redo the exercises at any time.

Watch and see how a circuit works by watching the wires and rungs highlight and where power is being applied. Electrical wiring troublshooting softwareEducational training software

Includes an Electricial wiring diagram and Connection diagram that you can print out or view while troubleshooting.

Shows you where the wires are attached to the components and allows you to remove the wires and take proper meter readings.

Learn how to read wiring diagrams
Detailed assessment for each fault attempt will help you perfect your troubleshooting methods and techniques.

Monitor your progress with your Overall Skill Rating as you improve and strengthen your troubleshooting abilities.

Realistic tools and simulation

  • Circuit Operation
  • Safety -Locking out tag out
  • Voltage Readings
  • Resistance Readings
  • Amperage readings
  • Replace components
  • Remove wires to take readings

What will you learn?

  • Improve your technique for troubleshooting faults on control circuits.
  • Understand how control circuits and their typical components operate, including relays, transformers, and switches.
  • Become skilled at diagnosing and repairing all kinds of control circuit faults.
  • Develop the ability to use diagrams to determine the function and operation of control circuits and how to locate components and connections.

Who will this Benefit?

Experienced service engineers as well as students with no knowledge in electrical troubleshooting will benefit from this training software. With so many faults you will learn all the different types of problems and become more efficient when troubleshooting with a meter.

A Printable Certificate of Completion.

Instructor resources and the Simutech course manager to help integrate the software into a course.

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Windows System Compatibility
Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Editions available

1) Individual Edition - purchase 1 to 4 licenses.
2) Corporate, College and/or Education, Multiple Licensces or Users - Contact CNC Specialty Store at 414-881-4493 for multiple purchases.

  • Priced per person
  • Each edition may be purchased with a 1 year or 3 year license package. Upon expiration of software, further licensing may be renewed for a nominal fee .
  • Data is syncronized to the cloud with these editions. Program progression saves on your PC until you connect to the internet. Data syncs to the cloud automatically so you may access and run the program from 1 to 3 different computers for each user.
  • Software is still functional after license expires, but data will not be saved on the cloud. Software cannot be reinstalled without an active valid license.

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