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SRAM Card 2MB with 8k attribute


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2MB SRAM Memory card with 8k attribute memory

SRAM Memory Card Compatibility
Compatible with ActionTec, Epson, Hitachi, Kingmax, Magic Ram, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Viking, & other brands PCMCIA SRAM memory PC cards if trying to find a replacement for them. These SRAM memory cards work with Fanuc and Mitsubishi CNC controls.

Replacements for-Kingmax SJA-002M5W , Magic Ram SR2MBP100 , Panasonic BN-02MHSRC (C=attribute), Mitsubishi Melcard MF32M1-LCDAT01, S65002, SA5002, GE Fanuc Part# 44A725977-G01, Pretec S65002-I, Centennial SR02M-15-11194, PCM-SRP-AM002 etc.


What is an SRAM card?
SRAM cards are highly compatible with most CNC machines that have a PCMCIA card slot either on the front control panel, on the drives themselves or elsewhere on the machine. Many companies are use to using Compact flash cards on most machines today. However there is a period of several years in which these compact flash cards will not work and if tried will give you black/error screens on fanuc controls or will not recognize the card or even destroy the slot on a rare occasion due to voltage requirement differences. For this era of machines you are required to use an SRAM card. SRAM cards may also work for many other devices used in automation such as HMI's as well. Older machines will not recognize large capacity disk sizes of today.

The size PC SRAM Card you need?
The size you need depends on the equipment. Generally a 2MB or 4MB card will be enough for Fanuc or Mitsubsishi controls to perform an SRAM backup on the machine for restoration. Some equipment and applications require smaller size. We recommend you replace with same size to guarantee they will work. The newer I series controls built around 1998 and above no longer support SRAM Cards. In this case order compact flash with an adapter. Some older automation controls and applications require smaller then 1mb cards.


  • Dimensions: 85.6mm(L) x 54mm(W) x 3.3mm(H)
  • SRAM Type I (3.3mm) and Type II (5.0mm) Compatible
  • Weight: Approx. 42.5 grams
  • Battery: Replaceable
  • Pins: 68
  • Write Protect Switch- When switch is moved closest to battery compartment card can be written too

What can the SRAM Memory card be used for?
Backing up parameters, programs, data, drive data, or anything you would normally use a compact flash card and adapter for on the machine. Most programs unless you are doing Die mold will easily fit on a 2-4MB card. Check your program file size if you need to know.

Why is the cost so much for a measly 2mb  SRAM PC Memory card?
We wish we knew! They are not cheap however having one can save a lot of aggravation by performing an SRAM backup before you play with or removing boards from the control. Knowing you can restore everything in a matter of seconds is worth the price.
Note: This card has watch style batteries in them that need to be replaced at least once a year

What is attribute memory when associated with a PCMCIA SRAM card?
The device that tries to read from the SRAM card looks at the attribute memory stored on the card. With this information it allows the card in a sense to be plug and play. If in doubt always buy a PC card with the attribute memory.

2mb SRAM card with 8k attribute and replaceable battery 44A725977-G01

SRAM Card drivers and Readers

  • Windows XP and below - SRAM Card drivers in laptops with PCMCIA slots - Click here
  • Windows Vista/7/8 -  the only available option on the market is this device which has its own built in OS to read SRAM cards - External USB SRAM card reader.  SRAM cards are not supported by Windows Vista, 7 or 8. No drivers can be made to read them if you have a PCMCIA slot.

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