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Kyodo Yushi Multitemp LRL No. 3 (400g)


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Kyodo Yushi Multitemp LRL Number 3 Grease - 400G Accordion Tube

Kyodo Yushi Multitemp LRL no. # 3 Grease (400g) has long performance life, wide temperature(-50C to 150C) range. Kyodo Yushi Multitemp LRL no. 3 grease is often used for ball screws and linear guides as well as spindle bearing applications. Kyodo Yushi Multitemp LRL 3 comes in a bellows / accordion style tube.

Bearing Grease Applications for Kyodo multitemp LRL #3 Grease

  • Ballscrew bearing grease
  • Spindles
  • Linear guide grease
  • Actuators
  • Live Tooling
  • All purpose bearing grease

Kyodo Yushi LRL #3 Grease Specifications

  • Base Oil - Polyol ester
  • Thickener- Lithium Viscosity 30 (40C)
  • Appearance - Peach white, buttery
  • Dropping Point - C 205
  • Usage range -58F <>302F
  • PSI Load 11,278psi


  • Premium synthetic Kyodo Yushi grease
  • Excellent for wide temperature range performance
  • High Speed / Low Speed

Do you need a grease gun to fit this special threaded accordion tube? See this threaded grease gun link


Kyodo Yushi Multemp LRL #3 Grease 400 gram Distributor

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  • Part #:  LRL3-400G
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