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Kluber Isoflex NBU 15 (50g) 004026-221


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Kluber Isoflex NBU 15 is one of the most well known spindle bearing grease on the market. Very expensive compared to most greases but has been around for ever and is great for high speed bearing applications.

  • 50 gram Tube
  • Spindle bearing grease has been tried and tested over many years especially in high-speed applications 
  • Longer component life due to optimized wear protection and good pressure absorption capacity
  • Excellent resistance to water and media as well as above-average anticorrosive additives protect bearings against premature failure, thus helping to minimize repair costs
  • Low intrinsic bearing heat due to low lubricant friction enabling longer service life — Uninterrupted machine operation due to good pumpability and metering in customary centralized lubricating system

Kluber NBU15 Bearing Grease Applications

  • Spindle bearing grease
  • Tailstock bearing grease
  • Ballscrew bearing grease
  • Linear guide grease

Kluber Isoflex NBU 15 product information data sheet

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Quantity Pricing
1-24 $26.00
25-49 $23.40
50+ $22.10
  • Part #:  NBU15-50G
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